Hurricane Sandy

It looks like millions of people can check off one more thing on their "Things to do in life" list: survive a hurricane.

Over here in Pittsburgh, we just got rained on a lot. It started Sunday morning or so, but really picked up on Monday afternoon. The wind blew a bit, but I didn't notice anything strong or out of the ordinary; just that it went on a bit long. I can recall several not hurricane storms that had stronger wind.

The electricity stayed on, which was surprising because even though the electric lines are buried here, I consider it horrendously unreliable. It has gone out on perfectly fine days for hours, but I got lucky this time. However, this morning there were crews doing something just outside my apartment with the road closed.

And things flooded here. As usual, the first thing to flood is the Mon Wharf downtown (it's a parking lot by the river). That place must be below the flood stage, because that thing regularly flooded during last year's spring rains, but I don't recall a flood emergency.

If you haven't noticed, Pittsburgh doesn't get too many of these. I'm not checking a hurricane off my list, however.

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