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Potato Stock 2014

Remember that one potato salad Kickstarter from a while back? It all culminated last Saturday in Columbus in a huge outdoor party. This was Potato Stock 2014.

The first thing I noticed getting there was downtown Columbus is a lot different than downtown Pittsburgh. There's more space, and it's not crowded (on the weekends at least). Downtown Pittsburgh is always crowded and somewhat claustrophobic. Driving around Pittsburgh in general feels like you're driving through a coin slot in places. I pull into the parking garage, and it's maybe 10% full.

So I walk up to the Columbus Commons, where the party is. I take inventory of the place. I grab some of the titular potato salad. Turns out that a local Italian eatery made it. It was heavenly. I paid $20 for a t-shirt. Peace, Love, & Potato Salad. They kept saying that there was only 300; after which, they would be a piece of Internet lore, or something.

EDIT: Those shirts are for sale. They must have made more than 300.

Zack, the guy who started this madness, was walking around. He apologized for the long line at the t-shirt stand. I'm said "Why apologize, I'm next in line?" I wanted to ask what other dish that he hasn't made, so he can do this next year.

I hung out for a few hours, listening to the concert. One band played a song about how to make a milkshake. That sucked, because I wanted a milkshake very badly. You suck (actually not really).

I rate this a six out of ten. I expected more stuff there, but I've been to Columbus and did a lot less many times before. I would go again.

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You can't complain about this anymore. It's perfect!