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State of The Andrew Bailey, March 2014

It's about time I wrote a general update of things.

So it's 2014: three years after that one incident with those Sandy Bridge motherboards. If you recall, a significant fraction of those things were supposed to go bad by now. Glad I got mine replaced quite some time ago.

My CPU is still going strong, even though I had the heatsink installed improperly for the first few months before I sent the board back. Unlike my previous CPU, I was totally happy with the one I got. I remember I wanted getting the Q9400 or better back in 2008, but they were sold out of those, so I had to settle with the Q9300.

My monitors are working well, too. Unfortunately, my GPU isn't up to snuff pushing native res at 60 FPS to all three in a combined surround mode. I'm looking forward to my next monitors being 4k OLEDs that push over 100Hz.

My SSD has not failed yet. It's an OCZ, which might surprise the hell out of some people. Great, I've just jinxed myself. The way I set it up is working well, with the hard drive taking care of all the user profile data automagically.

My server is plodding along just fine. I will undoubtedly be upgrading the drives in it to 4TB and BTRFS. I will also get a fleet of two or three external 4TB drives, and periodically shuffle them between my apartment, work, and maybe my parents house. And of course, encrypted.

Meanwhile, my podcast, Control Structure, has switched to a more comfortable fortnightly schedule. Weekly was just too grueling for me. Also, Chris decided that being a podcast host wasn't for him, and that being married was. Also, The Fringe 200 was not too long ago. Like all pretty numbered shows, I wanted to make it special. That usually involves going back and gathering clips of previous shows. Given that The Fringe is such a massive corpus, I knew that it would be a lot of work. I decided to fake it instead, and did an epic parody of ATN's fringes.

All in all, things are just OK. Not great, just OK. There are no signs of a new "good old days".

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