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Sam Ebertz Fails

This is just a note telling you that Sam Ebertz fails. Not only did he end his podcast without so much as a "last episode" episode, he was on the gadget show and totally wussied out on the "BLACKBERRY!"

I recently got to interview John Gosling, someone with a decent amount of reputation/dedication than I on a recent episode of my podcast. Then Studio Guy said "big week", and I ended up on the gadget show, where Sam failed. Then John guested on the innuendo show. So go check those out.

Here's a really moronic error involving a keyboard:

Keyboard error or no keyboard present. Press F1 to continue.

Now go away, I'm too busy playing StarCraft and getting a car.

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This is the most amazing call out ever that Sam Ebertz will never read.

Have fun playing StarCraft. Watch out for cars?

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You can't complain about this anymore. It's perfect!