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"Screenshot of Max Payne having thrown a molotov cocktail at some mobsters."

Max Payne

Max Payne is a Remedy game, released about 10 years before Alan Wake. By playing this, I can better understand how Remedy thinks and designs their games, as I can draw lines between them. (Except Death Rally, because that was made with a very different design philosophy.) Both are all designed around people with metaphorical names. "A. Wake" deals with nightmares, and Max Payne has a lot of pain.

"Screenshot of Tales from the Borderlands, showing Rhys, Jack, and Fiona."

Tales from the Borderlands

Borderlands 3 has been out for almost a year, but I haven't bought it yet. Yes, I'm aware that it's on Steam these days, but I haven't been that enthused about it. I'll probably get it in the next Steam sale, along with the Halo collection (because I threatened a long time ago to buy it if it came to Steam). I intended to play through all the Telltale games in order of release before I got to Tales from the Borderlands (and all that before Borderlands 3), but that hasn't happened. Even without that, I recognized lots of tropes of the latter Telltale games (Walking Dead and afterwards) that I've heard told over the years. I'm pretty sure that there's no kind of continuity to spoil by not playing through them in order of release.

"A screenshot of Brütal Legend, in an RTS battle."

Brütal Legend

I continue my journey through Tim Schafer's games. I finished this a month or two ago, and I've been too lazy to write a blog post about it until now. So if you'll excuse me, I'll be real quick about this.

"Screenshot of Supreme Commander, showing the dual screen functionality."

The LOUD Project

It's been a while since I've played Supreme Commander regularly, or any RTS for that matter. On a PC Gamer article, someone mentioned this LOUD Mod for Supreme Commander. I started looking into it, then played it almost non-stop for weeks. This article is sorta a condensed version of what I discovered.

"Screenshot of 20,000 Lightyears Into Space."

20,000 Lightyears Into Space

I've been playing 20,000 Lightyears Into Space since before I started writing this blog, so it mildly surprises me that I haven't wrote about it.

"Screenshot of Batman: Arkham City."

Batman: Arkham City

We're more than four weeks into 2020, and I'm still not a cyborg, and things aren't more neon than they used to be. (That possible future has been delayed.) I don't follow the Batman universes too closely; is he a cyborg at some point? He has the money, and a corporation behind him, so it follows that it's possible.

"Screenshot of Mass Effect: Andromeda, showing some combat with the ancient robots."

Mass Effect: Andromeda

While I waited for this free month of EA games, I planned out how I would make the best of it. Since I've been wondering for years about what another Humble Origin Bundle would have, why not turn that into a playlist? Crysis 3 would be neat to play through, just to see how it ended. It turned out to be short enough to knock out in a weekend, so now what? Mass Effect: Andromeda would be a likely candidate, since it wasn't exactly a money maker for EA, so why not give it away?