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Speed Is Money, or Why I Support Net Neutrality

Many people who support Net Neutrality do so because of public advocacy. I mean, who can be against having an internet that treats everyone equally? You're reading this right now, so something everything must have worked.

But there is another reason for my support. I work building ecommerce websites for companies. And let's face it, the platform we use is small fish on the internet. Compared to Google, Amazon, and Netflix, we're not even a radar blip. So when I hear of internet speed rackets being legal, this is concerning. Here is my thought process:

  1. Users come to the store. They are using ISPs who are wringing out payment from some internet company. In so doing, the ISP refuses to upgrade a shared peering point, makes pretty much everything slow. Example: after Netflix "bribed" Verizon, I noticed that Youtube on FiOS isn't slow anymore. I can't call that a coincidence.

  2. People are impatient. Amazon has proved that for every 100 millisecond of load time, they lose 1% of sales. Google also notices ad sales decline for longer page load times. Just look around and see. A slower internet transfers less money, and this is true from every direction. Political campaign contributions will never outpace the economic losses sustained from a slower internet, even during important election years.

  3. Declining sales might make some companies think that they don't need an ecommerce store anymore. That's bad, because when there is no store, that means I have no job. If I lose my job, I lose the best job that I've ever had.

What can you do? Call your Congressman.

It's amazing to me that in the past few years politicians and businesses everywhere are invading the internet. First SOPA, now this. Fifteen years ago, no one around me gave a crap about it, then five years ago, everyone got with the program. If only the people from 4chan were politically active, Washington would never touch the internet again.

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