Re I am a Bad Blogger, AKA Why I Blog

This morning, while perusing the web as I do, I visited Datachomp, the blog of Rob Sullivan. I originally started reading over a year ago after being linked there somehow through one of Scott Hanselman's activities. I read yesterday's article, I Am a Bad Blogger. I realized that I share several opinions with this man with regards to blogging and attitudes thereof. Let me respond to his points one at a time.

  • Some Person in Somalia has Your Content

    Isn't that supposed to be how the internet works? I guess that means I have more readers. If they hotlink images, they are blocked (not replaced) and I'll know, thanks to an idea I stole from Scott. Besides, doesn't Somalia have really bad problems like Islamic insurgencies and governmentlessness?

    I agree with Mr. Sullivan's overall lack of vitriol. After reading his post, I Googled some interesting unique sentences from two or three of my own posts, and found them only here. I am a bad blogger.

  • Always Be Tweeting

    Like Mr. Sullivan, I do not tweet my blog posts. Not only do I lack the sufficient self esteem to do so, I'm not even on Twitter. I will probably submit things to Hacker News, but I'm mostly posting game reviews here, so I will only do so seldomly. I am a bad blogger.

  • Thanks for Writing My Opinion

    I write original content. (No one else says otherwise?) I noticed that the best excuse for writing would be game reviews. That also has a sort of intended side effect of forcing me to start playing all those Humble Bundle games. I attempt to post once every week, and have been doing that pretty well. I am a bad blogger.

  • A Number of Reasons

    I blog mostly because I want to practice ("level up") my English, communication, and programming skills. I do some SEO, but that pretty much stops at sitemap.xml, robots.txt, and meta descriptions. I am a bad blogger.

  • Truncate Table Opinions

    I, too, blog to remember things, like that one FFMpeg trick. I also used blog posts to help me remember what the crap happened last year. I write every post with the intention of it being posted, and only in the past month or so have I started to draft in a text file. I sometimes care about the opinions of others. I'm not expecting to get famous because of this, though karma is welcome to Spanish Inquisition that. I'm not so self-absorbed and selfish to (see also my opinions about Twitter). I am a bad blogger.

Upon reflection, it seems that I take blogging a bit more seriously, but still can't be bothered to give a crap.

If you're reading this Rob Sullivan, I appreciate your blog and your posts. Postgres is something that I am interested in, as evidenced by the fact that these bytes were retrieved from a Postgres DB. Don't let the lack of (published) posts get you down.

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Great post dude! Pretty awesome seeing how just how bad of a blogger you are. On the off chance I ever do get down, I can always just come read this again. Cheers!

Posted by Rob Sullivan.

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