Reflecting on 2013

The year began quite calmly. I had just started a new job the month before, and was quite enjoying it. Later on in January, they sent me to Knoxville. I even did a podcat from there. Some stuff happened in July, like rain in my apartment.

I did podcats all throughout the year. Early on, my former roommate Chris Thompson joined as co-host of the show. There was all that stuff from the NSA, so much so that I ended up dedicating the latter parts of my show to it. Then he decided that he would rather have a girlfriend instead, so he dumped me. From there, I decided to do my show only when I had other people to do it. Of course, that's not to say that I didn't appear on other shows. I just did an end of year special with them.

In April, I bought my parents car. Just a week or so ago, I also managed to pay off all my student loans. I plan on saving up some money, then switching credit unions. If you're not a member of a credit union, you should check those out. I have never been bugged by them to buy anything, ever.

I've had so many gaming things this year. I bought so many Humble Bundles, but I also started playing through some, like Alan Wake and Bastion, not to mention the F.E.A.R. series. I went back and played some Freelancer and Road Rash, in honor/preparation for the release of their crowdfunded spiritual successors. There was also strategy, like HOTS and SOSE. Some other new games that I liked this year was Blood Dragon and The Stanley Parable. It's amazing that gaming is so vast and expansive, that game criticism is happening in the games themselves these days.

I also got some hardware. I had been talking about Raspberry Pis on my podcat for so long, I finally broke down and got one. Unfortunately, it's also being used like I had anticipated, and by "being used", I mean "being not used". But for something that is being used, there's Twentieth Century.

I continued improving this blog. I discovered the Zopfli algorithim during my podcat research, and that revolutionized how I store images. In July, I added markdown features. In August, I tried some new things, but rolled back some of them. I also open sourced this.

As for how much I grew as a person this year, who knows. Probably not much. I'm still picking up the little things that they don't or can't tell in school. If these truly are the new good old days, they are sure taking their sweet time in getting here. For some reason, 2014 strikes me as a weirdly numbered year; I'm hoping that the content thereof is much better.

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I am soooooo proud of my son!

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