State of the Andrew Bailey, July 2013

So here I am at the twenty-third hour, having finally deployed the new edition of my blog. Now I use markdown to author my posts. I can also preview them before posting, so I don't have to go the long way around to edit them after posting. If you link to my images from elsewhere, you should be denied. Also, there are bigger fonts. I might get around to improving building analytics.

If you notice something broken, please do tell.

That's not all that's been going on. A week ago, it was rather rainy. I ended up rear-ending a guy on the freeway at 10 mph when I was going to work. That night, the electric went out for about 12 hours.

But what happened Friday night topped it all. About 7 PM, I hear the trickling of water from my utility closet. Not unusual, since when the A/C kicks on upstairs, the condensation trickles down through the pipes. Except it kept getting louder. I opened the door, and found water coming down from everywhere. It seems like I'm the only freak in my apartment building that stays home on a Friday night, so there was no one upstairs that I could ask. So I called the apartment info line. A maintenance guy showed up about an hour later. Turns out that the hot water tank upstairs broke. He shut that off, and it eventually stopped raining in my apartment. Things were cleaned up the next day.

So if nothing happens this week, it will be a good week.

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Funny thing- all of your posts from number 76 onwards showed up in the RSS feed again a few hours before this post.

Also, it looks like denying linking to photos breaks them in RSS readers like Feedly. So maybe you should get rid of that or make an exception for certain domains like Feedly or something.

Posted by Ian Buck.

Turns out that the W3C didn't like the way I was setting IDs in my RSS feed, so I made that comply. That explains why feedly thought everything was new.

I also am blocking images if you aren't looking at them from my blog itself. I might get around to a whitelist. Even at that, pretty much all of my content is text (I even provide decent alt text).

Posted by the Andrew Bailey.

Whitelist implemented. And there was much rejoicing.

Posted by the Andrew Bailey.

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