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Go big and go home!

Onkyo S9400THX

The Onkyo S9400THX is a 7.1 surround system. Properly set up, it means that there are 7 regular speakers and a subwoofer. The three front speakers are about 50% bigger than the other four, and sound nice on their own. The subwoofer has a twelve inch driver, and is bigger than the microwave at work. This system is rated for 1000 watts.

Potato Stock 2014

Remember that one potato salad Kickstarter from a while back? It all culminated last Saturday in Columbus in a huge outdoor party. This was Potato Stock 2014.

Stereo to Mono Using The Side Channel

If you haven't heard my podcast, hear it. It's what I do in some of my other spare time. When editing it, I always create a mono (or one channel) file. Since it is only two people talking back and forth, it kind of helps save on file size, and ups efficiency.

watch the dump on youtube

Ice Bucket Challenge

I need to tell yinz something very important. Something that affected me on a very personal level. Today, I was dumped by a woman.

Speed Is Money, or Why I Support Net Neutrality

Many people who support Net Neutrality do so because of public advocacy. I mean, who can be against having an internet that treats everyone equally? You're reading this right now, so something everything must have worked.

Improved Backups and Backup Tips

As you know, I'm a vehement supporter of International Backup Awareness Day. You can just listen to my podcast and tell. When the new version of Ubuntu came out last month, I decided to change a bunch of things.