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Cedar Point

Last Wednesday, I went to Cedar Point for the fourth time in my life. I have been there twice in the past 10 years. I was technically "there" when I was about 5 or so; that's a bit too young to really enjoy the place. This time, I went on rides that I had not been on.

Cedar Point Skyline, from Flickr user Andrew 94

Sure there's Top Thrill Dragster; what a spectacle! It's the tallest thing in the park! The thing launches you to 120 MPH in 4 seconds, then throws you 400 feet straight up. You wait about 2 hours for 20 seconds, but you will live more in those 20 seconds than you have in a long time.

But no, I've been on the thing twice on my other visits.

Millennium Force is a more traditional steel coaster by comparison (for whatever definition of "traditional" that applies to it). It pulls you up a 300 foot hill, then lets you run around several curves and hills for a minute or two.

Stood in line for an hour (more than halfway through the line), then it broke down. I was hungry anyway. I've also rode it twice before.

I started the day on Windseeker, a ride that twirls you around in suspended seats about 300 feet off the ground. You can get some spectacular views from it.

I was then conned into going on Wicked Twister. It goes back and forth between two spiral towers. You get launched to about 70 MPH or so to get up either one. You go through 5 times (3 forward, 2 back).

After eating, I went on Gemini. It's an older wooden coaster that has dual tracks going around it. It has some nice drops in it. No one lost their lunch.

Going further back, we went on Mean Streak, another wooden coaster. I decided to get in the back seat. It felt like being inside God's maraca being shaken up. Still kept lunch.

That was it. Oh wait, on the way out a stupid seagull took a crap on me. Maybe next time I will brave the inverted coasters, and go when there's a thinner crowd. A cursory search reveals that the least busiest time is before the first week or two of June, excluding Memorial Day weekend, with extra thin crowds on Sunday.

Tonight, while I was browsing the official Cedar Point Youtube channel, I noticed that they had announced a new coaster, GateKeeper about 5 hours earlier.

So if you fancy roller coasters, you owe it to yourself to check this place out. It's easily the only real fun you will ever have in Ohio. Trust me, I've grown up in it.

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