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I love podcasts. In fact, if I like you, I will generally listen to yours.

Since time immemorial, I have listened to the PC Gamer podcast (both US and UK) and Maximum PC's No BS Podcast (Gordon's rants are cool). I listen to a few other official podcasts (but not going back as far as the other two), like LRRCast, Blizzcast, the Bethesda Podcast, and The Escapist Podcast, AKA the podcat. I have recently started listening to The Vergecast. Because I love Christopher Titus, I listen to his pocast, AKA The Armageddon Update. I want to start listening to The Truth, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Other shows, I'm a bit picky on. Take for example, Hanselminutes. I'm a Java guy, .NET really isn't my thing, but I regularly listen to it's sister show This Developer's Life. Even though this isn't technically a podcast, I listen to Prairie Home Companion. I skip over the musical parts and go straight for the drama and Lake Wobegon.

Since I have been listening to podcasts for over 6 years, I unfortunately also have a podcast graveyard. Oh! How I mourned the passing of the great GFW Radio, AKA 97.5 The Brodeo. It was so good, that I still listen to bits of episodes from time to time, like the hero of the web segments, where they go and make fun of people geekier than they are. I also liked Game Theory, where two British guys would give this sort of big picture commentary about gaming, and not just go over the headlines.

TalkRadar is the only podcast that I have stopped listening to. They just went on and on too long (sometimes 3 hours!), and they also drank beer during the course of it, so it always became a mess during the end. Course it usually started out like a shouty morning talk show (complete with cheesy sound effects), and it only went downhill from there. But people were somehow inspired by it, and every week they will read stories from people who were in hospitals for some gruesome surgery and feeling depressed, when someone told them about this podcast, and suddenly they were so much better.

I can even be a guest, if your topic suits my fancy. I have been on At The Nexus, and more recently, on it's sister gaming show, Eight Bit.

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You can't complain about this anymore. It's perfect!