Announcing Control Structure

I have my own podcast: Control Structure. It is a podcast about computer science, programming, administration, databases, and the like, for fun and profit.

Guests and I will cover relevant headlines, like new platforms, operating systems, programming languages, and such. We will then share something that we know, something that we did, something big that happened (bigger than just a headline), and share what we like or don't like. Perhaps give advice or have tutorials on how to use a language, API, or technique.

If you have a IT related question, or want to be a guest, click "FEEDBACK" on the top of the Control Structure page.

On a more dire note, there is an addition to my podcast graveyard: At The Nexus. I'm not sure how to react to this. On one hand, it was a cool show. But the letter that Ryan posted triggered a retrospective: At The Nexus wasn't really a tech show; it was a gadget news oriented show. For many episodes, Ryan just had to mention something about his phone, and now both of them have tablets. It can be good news in that other shows on the site might have more exposure. It can't be fake: it's not my birthday.

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While I agree I mention the gadgets I have here personally more than anything else, that's because I have experience first hand to share. There's no worse review or discussion of a product than one that simply talks about specs -- not how runs, not how it feels and not how it actually works. I like supporting things I like, and I happen to like some of the things I have.

Fake? Well.

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ATN was always a good show to listen to. I have nothing against gadgets; it's just that sometimes I overloaded a bit too much on news about them.

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