Insanity: PC's true calling

Once upon a 1981, IBM released a marvel of a thing. PC. It was created for a single purpose: to play games. PC's major advances came because of gaming, and because of his hippie parents, PC shared with his red headed cousins.

When I was 6, I sat down in front of a PC, and there was nothing else that you could do with it. Then the Internet came along, allowing the Koreans to totally kill us with their Zerg rushes.

But since then, many companies have come in, spreading their report generators and porn about. Most are at the beck and call of powerful cabals called "Investors", and customers can get lost in a wood chipper. It's made me sick. Today, picky teenage girls and their moms are flooding PC space, wanting to check up on their Twilight-Bieber-blogs and the latest doily trends. Don't make me LOL.

Lately, gaming has been pushed to twenty-seventh fiddle on PC, forcing gaming to his many younger red headed cousins and their smelly neighbors. Even after being lied to and about by his fruity brother, PC still hangs on. Silently, he cries out that he wants to game. Meanwhile, the economy is in the toilet and everyone but me wonders why.

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