Insanity: Apostrophes

Fine. Let's just use apostrophe's where ever we want to? Sound's fine, right?

Did you hear what wa's on the new's thi's evening? A walru's got hi's iri's stuck and could not focu's properly. Ye's, they moved him to Massachusett's.

Why are you saying thi's i's ambiguou's? It is obviou's that you should use papyru's. No, thi's i's seriou's! Academic antithesi's stated that it's monsterou's and not advantageou's.

No, you are not faboulou's: you have a viru's! You look atrociou's! Those khaki's do not look good on you.

Kudo's to you, oh hilariou's one.

And what have we learned, children? That is right: do not use apostrophes unless you know how they are used. Do not let me see this from you. Please excuse me, I need to take a shower.

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Don't use apostrophes unless I know how they're used? Does that mean I can still abuse them as long as I'm fully aware of doing so? :oP

Posted by Apostrophus Maximus.

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