Blogology Phraseology

We already know that Scientology is a failed religious ideology that doesn't involve demonology. Reagan said it was a tautology. He wasn't familiar with the hagiology branch of theology.

So let's go live in the arcology, and study biology! Urbanology requires careful planning in hydrology, which is influenced by meteorology and climatology. We will need to actualize anthropology in archeology, while experiencing seismology. Remember they didn't need psycology back then. Futurology isn't planned.

Have you explored how vulcanology changes the geology? Because the topology changed, the lithology will be different. Zoology in the ecology will change too. Etymology? You mean entomology.

There are problems with cardiology in gynecology. Someone will have to know oncology to find the pathology. Oh, the wonders of radiology technology! I hope it won't involve uronology. Ewww.

Many will formulate methodologies in numerology, and realize security doesn't end with cryptology. Perhaps the answer lies in symbology. Sorry for boring you with endless terminology.

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