Insanity: Bad News

So then there was this big debt debate in Washington. Come Tuesday, no one would be doing anything, as the US dollar would be worthless and any purchase would be too risky. No one would buy gas, nor use their cellphone, nor consume electricity, nor eat. No one would breathe either, because you couldn't afford to buy carbon credits. (You think you can walk around like that giving off that much carbon dioxide? I think not...) So I guess we would all stay in bed turning blue and not dying (death would also be too expensive).

After that, some rich people said that America might not be able to pay its bills too well in the future and put us into Alcoholics Anonymous Plus. And all I heard last Monday was about everyone loosing everything. Boo freaking hoo. So long as I get a paycheck, can spend it on what I need and want, and it stays that way, my economic situation is pretty good.

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"...might not be able to pay ITS bills too well in the future..."


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