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Hurricane Sandy

It looks like millions of people can check off one more thing on their "Things to do in life" list: survive a hurricane.

Hawken screenshot

Hawken Beta

Last week, I go to The Escapist and see that I have a message. Their publisher's club had a special deal that you could get a Hawken closed beta key. Because this is one of the games I was sort of interested in, I jumped on it.

Extract And Export Winamp Playlists, Part 2

I had a desire a long time ago: I wanted to back up playlists from my Winamp music library. So I wrote a small Python script to back things up. It seems like that's the only remotely popular 'hit' on my blog, if I'm reading my analytics right.

Vacuum Sweeper

The vacuum sweeper:
It sucks when it doesn't work,
And sucks when it does.

Google Doodles

It's rare these days to actually see the real Google logo when doing a search. For a week or so a few months ago, I forgot what it actually looked like. It's gotten out of hand.

a multicolored icosahedron


Soon after I learned how to program back in 2003 or so, I wanted to program 3D stuff, just because I though it was cool. Unfortunately, the Python wrapper to OpenGL sucked. Majorly. I could manage, but I had to do without whizzbang features like shaders, and framebuffers, and HDR. At least I was happy texturing things and using shadow mapping. I even wrote the article on it.