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No, it's not different this time!

Screenshot of King

King's Quest 6

So after toying around with my Raspberry Pi, I discovered that ScummVM supports King's Quest 6. Good thing that I kept that disc from the very first computer that the family had. I imaged this disc a few years ago, so it should be saved from bit rot. So I copied the ISO over to my Pi and fired up ScummVM.

A Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

After talking about them for weeks on end on my podcast, I finally decided to bite the bullet and order a Raspberry Pi. After all, one only costs $35 and everyone's talking about it like it's the latest thing from Apple (including myself), so what could be the downside?

Jim Raynor and his troops on Mar Sara

StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty

Recently, the first StarCraft 2 expansion came out. That has drawn me back into playing not just that, but the original, too. I have been reflecting a bit on a few things.

Toilet Blog Engine

So in case you didn't hear my podcast, I open sourced this blog on GitHub. I have taken my own advice to heart, and did not (or at least, tried not) to name my classes SomethingManager, and I hash my passwords without using MD5 or SHA-whatever. I had a few small libraries that I eventually merged into one (libWebsiteTools), and one other which I'm still sorta working on (libOdyssey) which is a sort of web analytics thing.

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Sam Ebertz Fails

This is just a note telling you that Sam Ebertz fails. Not only did he end his podcast without so much as a "last episode" episode, he was on the gadget show and totally wussied out on the "BLACKBERRY!"

Heaven 4.0 screenshot, featuring the dragon statue

Unigine Heaven Benchmark

It was just this past week that I realized that since I upgraded my video card, I don't think I had ran the Heaven benchmark. I was reading something (what specifically I forget), when I saw another news posting. It said that the Heaven 4.0 was released.


Paramedics paraglided in parallel to the parading paraplegic on a Paraguayan paramo.