the Andrew Bailey

a former Buckeye trying to figure things out

Insanity: Horrifying

In an effort to save money, the Department of Motor Vehicles no longer has a professional photographer on staff. Instead, it gets all the photos from Facebook.

Insanity: Apostrophes

Fine. Let's just use apostrophe's where ever we want to? Sound's fine, right?

Walking around DC, owning the town

Fallout 3

As part of Operation: Replay Games I Already Have, I have been going through Fallout 3 for the past 2 weeks.

Insanity: Bad News

So then there was this big debt debate in Washington. Come Tuesday, no one would be doing anything, as the US dollar would be worthless and any purchase would be too risky. No one would buy gas, nor use their cellphone, nor consume electricity, nor eat. No one would breathe either, because you couldn't afford to buy carbon credits. (You think you can walk around like that giving off that much carbon dioxide? I think not...) So I guess we would all stay in bed turning blue and not dying (death would also be too expensive).

EA Origin

I recently downloaded EA's Origin client and took it for a brief spin. Let's see if EA can continue to recover from being the big bad boss of the games industry; a title which, in my opinion, now belongs to Acti-Blizza-Vision.

First Computer

I was on StackOverflow Careers today, filling out a new profile. Curiously, it asked what my first computer was. It was some Compaq with a 486, circa 1996. I now realize that by the time we (excuse me, my parents) got it, it was already out of date. Doesn't surprise me, my parents are total cheapskates who only replace something essential after it's been broken for two months, then get a third rate Chinese knockoff.

Verizon FIOS

Oh. Yes.