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Server Online

Whew! That was quite a thing there!

Disk vs. Disc

Yes, there is a dictonary difference between the words "disk" and "disc". "Disc" referrs to the medium on which data is stored (often circular). "Disk" is a storage medium (like a disc), plus a read/write apparatus, protective case, motor, or controller. Therefore, there is a hard disk, and a compact disc. Records are discs, and were used back when floppy disks were.

Server Outage

Have you heard? I was under the impression that everyone had heard. There's flooding going on in Thailand. And every hard drive manufacturer now has a factory in a lake.

International Backup Awareness Day

Last Thursday (I think), I pushed some new code out here. Among the updates, I made Spruce more flexible, I added an "Expires" header to my static content (css, images), and I've done some more SEO friendly URLs.

Rip Audio from Video Using FFMpeg

First, get FFMpeg and put the bin/ffmpeg to where your victim video is.(link for Windows) Second, open up ye olde command line and cd to the directory (for convenience). Then,