Chuck's Challenge 3D

Not that long ago, I reviewed Chip's Challenge. I played that as a sort of introduction to this game.

Screenshot of Chuck's Challenge 3D

This game is largely like that if it had been made 20 years later. You navigate a little guy through puzzles involving devices, keys, locks, creatures, and blocks to get to an exit. The gameplay can get extremely frustrating. In the example screenshot, I am supposed to move all the blue blocks onto the blue pads to lower the blue column to exit. You can only push blocks, never pull, so if you accidentally push a block into a corner, you've effectively lost the game.

Perhaps the best improvement is the removal of the timer. Instead, there's a clock that counts up, and then uses that time to calculate how well you did versus everyone else on that level. The levels themselves are composed of a five-ish groups based on difficulty, and named after the various creatures that the game features (though not necessarily appearing in those levels). A level editor is included to create your own levels.

The menus in this game are horrible on PC. It smells of tablets. There's only left and right; using the up and down arrows don't do anything.

If you're immune to frustration, or you enjoyed Chip's Challenge way back when, give this a try. It's on Steam, the iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

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