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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

This is a blog post about a game named The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. This is an expanded version of The Stanley Parable. It's a story about a man named Stanley, and what happens when he is left all alone in an office building, with only a voice in his head to keep him company. There are certainly many offices like that since the world changed forever. The aesthetics hit almost too close to reality for this blogger.

The Stanley Parable 2 announcement convention

For the most part, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is the same vein as the original. All the original endings are present (except one), and new ones are added. Nevertheless, the same snark is present.

The previous game had some commentary on video games as a whole, but it was subtle about it. The new material in 2 Ultra Deluxe is very on the nose about it. As seen above, there is a lot of exposition on sequels. It makes a point about how sometimes game developers go overboard on adding new features, and that, contrary to their expectations, the new stuff drags the whole thing down. The alleged Stanley Parable 2 features collectibles, reviews, and a skip button.

I must congratulate the Narrator/Crows Crows Crows for including a companion cube-esque item into gameplay. This adds another layer to each ending. Each ending is altered, if not completely changed, when possessing the item. (Why didn't Galactic Cafe make it like the last one? Turns out that there was a falling out between the creators.)

Being an auteur, the Narrator is particularly enamored with his game. He was full of himself in the first, and of course, he hasn't changed at all. He's built a memorial to the release of the last game, and it contains a collection of accolades and awards. But what if he's a recording?

A cassette player in a dim back room.

There is also a larger game going on where it asks what time it is when starting the game. This can be messed with by entering the same time at least once, or not bothering at all. That part isn't narrated, but I'm positive that it's on purpose. (I read it in that lady's voice from the museum ending.)

Just like the last edition, I'll return to this from time to time. Even if you've played the first game, there is plenty of new stuff to keep you entertained.

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