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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is a very short game. This walking simulator is very pretty, though it only contains about 2 rooms that you can thoroughly examine. I'm surprised that it was marketed as a bombastic shooter like its prequels. I wish I could jump off the railing and go explore the mountains I saw, but I couldn't. What a shame. (I even tried that stupid crouch jump thing from Half-Life, but you can't crouch in this game.) Unlike some other examples of this genre, you actually get to see and interact with other people.

Screenshot of you at the table with a dictator.

You start off in a van, going to some fictional Himalayan country with striking mountain vistas. You're there to deliver your mother's ashes to her final destination. However, there is a dispute at the border. Some people jump out of the van, and the guards start shooting up the place indiscriminately. By that time, a helicopter has landed, and a very well dressed man steps out. He's very disappointed in that the van got shot up, instead of stopped. For this grievous offense, he kills a guard. This man is insane! Ah, so he's the dictator of this place.

To apologize, the dictator invites you to dinner. He informs you that there's this Golden Path group that's terrorizing the countryside. He grows suspicious of the man seated beside you, so he stabs him in the back with a fork, and commands him to be tortured for texting the word "help", but not before insulting him that he should have cried it instead. He excuses himself to sort out some other business. That gives you about 10 minutes to enjoy the view (interrupted by the skewered man's screaming) before anything interesting happens. I swear, if they left this man alone, he'd probably stop acting out so much.

Given his propensity to snap, it's probable that in some ending, the dictator kills you. How you get to that ending is unclear. But if you just keep your mouth shut, and do exactly as you're told, he actually keeps his word. He seems to be all nice and chummy with you for reasons unknown, but it's obvious that he knows your mother, and he remembers you. I can't tell if he's the player's dad, or if he has some other familial relation to you.

He mentioned that he cleared his calendar for your visit and a grand adventure. After you do the business for mom, you and the dictator fly off into the sunset to presumably to mess stuff up with guns, and the game ends! I thought this game would have adventure! What a ripoff! This is clear sequel bait. (Maybe the marketing material I saw for it was really for that?)

This is an Ubisoft game, so presumably, people paid $60 for it. That's literally the definition of a ripoff! Good thing I got it for free!

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