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Potato Stock 2014

Remember that one potato salad Kickstarter from a while back? It all culminated last Saturday in Columbus in a huge outdoor party. This was Potato Stock 2014.

Podcast Service Announcement, September 2014

You want a blog post, Ryan? DO YOU? Well, I've got some News Breaking News.

Stereo to Mono Using The Side Channel

If you haven't heard my podcast, hear it. It's what I do in some of my other spare time. When editing it, I always create a mono (or one channel) file. Since it is only two people talking back and forth, it kind of helps save on file size, and ups efficiency.

Screenshot of Rise of Nations, showing the Iroquois and Chinese

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a real time strategy game that I remember playing a lot at my friend's house 10 years ago. When I was picking up a few things on the last Steam sale, I decided to get it, even though it wasn't discounted. You see, I want Microsoft to know that it's OK to release it's games on Steam, and I want to encourage that sort of behavior. Can haz Halo Collection, plz?*

watch the dump on youtube

Ice Bucket Challenge

I need to tell yinz something very important. Something that affected me on a very personal level. Today, I was dumped by a woman.