the Andrew Bailey

Go big and go home!

Blog Fonts

After I revamped my blog and made the fonts bigger, I reconsidered the fonts I use, and how they are delivered.

State of the Andrew Bailey, July 2013

So here I am at the twenty-third hour, having finally deployed the new edition of my blog. Now I use markdown to author my posts. I can also preview them before posting, so I don't have to go the long way around to edit them after posting. If you link to my images from elsewhere, you should be denied. Also, there are bigger fonts. I might get around to improving building analytics.

A screenshot of Black Mesa, looking out over a desert

Black Mesa (Mod)

A long time back, Black Mesa was released. This is a Source mod that is a recreation of Half-Life. It was in development since 2004 or so, when Half-Life: Source was released, and every discovered that it was pretty much the same thing from 1998. Originally this mod was called "Black Mesa: Source", but Valve kindly asked if they would drop the "Source" part.

Totally Fake Airline

I had this dream a day before or after my last one, but don't let that make you think that they are connected.

Running Out of Time

This dream I had rather recently, in the past 2 weeks or so. It certainly could happen, unlike that one dream, but I'm too alert and aware to let this one happen. And it was supposed to happen on a Sunday night. How fitting.

Toe Stew

A while back, my good friend Ian Buck started posting some dreams of his. Like all dreams, they have a "sort of" basis in reality, but sleep deprived minds have a way to twist things in a unique way. So let me share a weird dream I had about ten years ago. This dream is not based at all on reality. I somehow got to writing this one down while it was still fresh.