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Go big and go home!

IBM Irrational

Since today is my last day at my current employer, I feel free to completely tear apart some element of the development stack. Let's start killing this monster by starting with anything beginning with IBM Rational or IBM Clear.

Insanity: PC's true calling

Once upon a 1981, IBM released a marvel of a thing. PC. It was created for a single purpose: to play games. PC's major advances came because of gaming, and because of his hippie parents, PC shared with his red headed cousins.

Karmic Retribution

I was back in my hometown last weekend. Had some old friends over, relaxed, and had plenty to do. Four day weekends for the win!


I recently redid my site here to better use client side caching.


I am Andrew Bailey, and this is my blog. Being a programmer, I wrote this myself, and I maintain this thing, because let's face it: having a facebook page/wordpress blog/whatnot would just take the fun out of it. I made a New Year's resolution to start using this, so I think I might want to get on that before the world supposedly ends next year!