the Andrew Bailey

Go big and go home!

Interview Experience

When I was interviewing for my new job, and even after I had gotten it, people said that I had an advantage of being recently out of college. Supposedly, I was fresh and people could mold me to be what they wanted, so they guessed I would be "desperately wanted."


I was messing around with this site most of the day yesterday.

New-ish Hardware

Looks like I should be getting my motherboard later today. Let me back up a bit.

Python Love

Now that I've ragged on a few things, I want you to know that I'm not just full of it. Hate that is. I love Python!

HP Quality Colonoscopy

Now that I've been at my new place for some time, and I'm two nines sure that I won't run into it, I will start ripping on HP Quality Center.

IBM Irrational

Since today is my last day at my current employer, I feel free to completely tear apart some element of the development stack. Let's start killing this monster by starting with anything beginning with IBM Rational or IBM Clear.