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Go big and go home!

Screenshot of FEAR, showing 3 bloody skeletons on the floor

First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R.)

Back when I started hardcore gaming, as opposed to just being casual, the first FEAR game came out. It was meant to be a horror game, but I didn't find it all too scary. It was also meant to be a series, but I didn't have much willpower to get the subsequent games, until a little while ago, thanks to the Humble Bundle.

Insanity: BitCoin

Early Wednesday morning, the US Dollar dropped below 0.001 BitCoin, causing epic economic upheaval in the hours leading up to Black Friday.

Screenshot of The Stanley Parable, showing a red door

The Stanley Parable

Before I continue, I have to say that The Stanley Parable comes in three editions: a demo, a mod, and a pay-for game. I have played all of them, but I'll focus on the latter. The demo is something entirely silly, and not really related to the others. The demo is constructed in the same thematic vein as the others, but has none of the same content. The game is an expanded version of the mod, and builds on the ideas from it.

Road Rash screenshot, with some cars and other bikers

Road Rash

In continuing my Twentieth Century escapades, I have bought an old game that I remember playing all the time at my uncle's in the 90s. Have I mentioned that Ebay is great for old stuff like this? I picked this up for about ten bucks.

It's The End Of Moore's Law, But That's OK

So I may have mentioned Moore's Law in one of my recent articles. I think that because I have built an old computer, I think it would be wise to consider a few things, and about computing in general.

An EarthSiege2 screenshot, showing combat


Twentieth Century is starting to show real returns on my investment. I can honestly say that I'm starting to enjoy it, and its being all that I wanted it to be. Unfortuantely, there seems to be a lack of USB ports. They tend to come in handy when I have all the ports used up and want to get a screenshot off it.