the Andrew Bailey

No, it's not different this time!

Screenshot of a base in Age of Empires

Age of Empires: Gold

Even though winter is a mostly no show right now, I still stayed indoors. I got the paid DLC for Witcher 3. I decided to have another strategy break, before heading into more labryinthine open world role playing. I wanted to take a retro trip with this, so I flipped the switch (several times) on Twentieth Century.

Screenshot of Legacy of the Void, showing Artanis leading a detachment against a Zerg base.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

This review has been a long time in coming. That makes sense, because this nicely concludes a story that began to be told almost two decades ago. Like the last review, I wanted this one some time bounce around my head, and it also feels like yanking off a stubborn band aid. I marathoned this series from its beginnings on the Twentieth Century through to the end of this. And to meditate on it even more, I did it again!

A screenshot of the Andrew Bailey as it is right now.

Welcome to the New Andrew Bailey

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you've been here before, things might look a little different, especially if you came in through the homepage. I have implemented a few things I have gathered by doing research for my podcast, and several hours of toying around.

Screenshot of Geralt about to stick a sword into you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I was doubtful that I would finish this before Halloween, but here we are. This game isn't remotely as scary or Satanic, but still features lots of monsters, and monstrous people.

Screenshot from Diablo, showing The Dark Lord, Diablo, himself


Oh look, an old game that's appropriate for Halloween!

Screenshot of the "fake ship" ship factory

Broken Age: Act 2

Some things have been happening in my life. Good things. Deal with it. Listen to my podcast: I drop a lot of goings on there. I'll probably make a "State of the" post at some point.