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Go big and go home!

Screenshot of the Silver Lining, showing the guillotine in Chessboardland

The Silver Lining Episodes 1-4

Once upon a time, I played King's Quest. About 20 years later, I did it again and made a blog post about it. Recently, news broke that the Sierra games brand is being brought back after 15 years. I think there was something about a new King's Quest game in there somewhere.

Screenshot of The Witcher 2, showing the octopus-like Kayran

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Any astute readers of mine (currently about zero) will know that I have played The Witcher 2 in the past. They will also know that I haven't posted in a month. Oops. Life happens.

State of the Videogame Industry, June 2014

A while ago, I was on a podcast talking about E3. I talked about all the big publishers announcing their games. Lately, I have realized that the videogame industry is decadent. As a note, it seems that many people don't know what that word means. Decadent means decaying.

Screenshot of Chuck's Challenge 3D

Chuck's Challenge 3D

Not that long ago, I reviewed Chip's Challenge. I played that as a sort of introduction to this game.

Speed Is Money, or Why I Support Net Neutrality

Many people who support Net Neutrality do so because of public advocacy. I mean, who can be against having an internet that treats everyone equally? You're reading this right now, so something everything must have worked.

Chip's Challenge

I've finally managed to start turning on Twentieth Century. I was able to back it up, so if anything happens, it should be a little easier to restore.

Improved Backups and Backup Tips

As you know, I'm a vehement supporter of International Backup Awareness Day. You can just listen to my podcast and tell. When the new version of Ubuntu came out last month, I decided to change a bunch of things.