Python Love

Now that I've ragged on a few things, I want you to know that I'm not just full of it. Hate that is. I love Python!

Whenever I code in it, 'tis a breath of fresh air. I'm reminded why programming is fun. Or rather, I actually have fun while doing it. It's pseudocode, except that it runs.

The syntax is like poetry and the code is like English. No braces, consistent indents, and if you think you're smart and disregard that, THE RUNTIME WILL SHAME YOU. Colons and duck typing please!

Throwing exceptions is too violent. Someone could get hurt! And Python doesn't catch. It doesn't play baseball. Instead, it raises exceptions and excepts them, like civil people do.

Unfortunately, I only code Python in my spare time, and not professionally. The largest Python app I maintain is Spruce, right over there. It's like I had to implement English grammar rules in a language that's like English! How delightful!

I came near to getting a job at a place that uses Python, but alas, it was not to be. Although the job posting stood out like none other before or since. Something about helping us code to make the world a better place. Now, if you don't want your code to do that, then you shouldn't be a programmer! GET OUT! Too bad most places want you to make Shitty Line Of Business App That Makes My Head Ache Just Thinking About It 6.1. Not many people are going to be using that, and even then, not exactly voluntarily.

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