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Those crazy Buckeyes

If Hollywood is to be believed, Ohio is a big looney bin. Chances are, every crazy or even mildly erratic character comes from Ohio. And I don't think that it helps that every Buckeye thinks he's crazy. Also he probably thinks that he should be in a mental care facility... except that he already does (it's called Ohio). But since this isn't realized, he lives blissfully anxious.

It doesn't help that like the rest of the Midwest, Ohio has mostly been left behind by modern society. It's like no one else cares. Hell, people in the Midwest don't care about the Midwest. That might be the reason why we're so eager to let everything rot and rust. Every time I turn on the TV, it's like, "Police are still investigating Tuesday's shooting on Harmon Street," and "Every company is closing up and moving out of state," followed by, "Meanwhile in California, this amazing advancement..."

Most Buckeyes believe, that at some point in their lives, a psychiatrist will jump out from behind the bushes, point at them, and say "Aha! I knew it!"

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Aha! I knew it!

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Now I hear that the fracking water that makes Pennsylvania water go bad is being pumped into Ohio wells to dispose of it. Now there's earthquakes.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Bravo, Ohio, bravo. This does not surprise me in the least, because no one cares.

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You can't complain about this anymore. It's perfect!