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Re I am a Bad Blogger, AKA Why I Blog

This morning, while perusing the web as I do, I visited Datachomp, the blog of Rob Sullivan. I originally started reading over a year ago after being linked there somehow through one of Scott Hanselman's activities. I read yesterday's article, I Am a Bad Blogger. I realized that I share several opinions with this man with regards to blogging and attitudes thereof. Let me respond to his points one at a time.

Reflecting on 2013

The year began quite calmly. I had just started a new job the month before, and was quite enjoying it. Later on in January, they sent me to Knoxville. I even did a podcat from there. Some stuff happened in July, like rain in my apartment.

State of the Andrew Bailey, July 2013

So here I am at the twenty-third hour, having finally deployed the new edition of my blog. Now I use markdown to author my posts. I can also preview them before posting, so I don't have to go the long way around to edit them after posting. If you link to my images from elsewhere, you should be denied. Also, there are bigger fonts. I might get around to improving building analytics.

the Andrew Bailey Greatest Hits Volume 1

So, this seems to be my 100th post. YAY! Its been two and a half years to do this. Hopefully, the next hundred will come sooner. So here's a list of what's been most popular:

College Dropout

Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerburg. Michael Dell. Larry Elisson. Gabe Newell.

Announcing Control Structure

I have my own podcast: Control Structure. It is a podcast about computer science, programming, administration, databases, and the like, for fun and profit.