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Screenshot of Halo Infinite, showing Chief electrocuting an elite enemy while overlooking a vast crack in the ring.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is a well-designed and lovingly crafted shooter. 343 Industries has said that this is a 'spiritual reboot' of the series, and it feels like it, from top to bottom; a return to form. I don't speak for the multiplayer, but the campaign. Yes, there are many missing features, but to someone who isn't a drooling fanboi, this hits the spot. They've optimized for the right thing: gameplay. Depending on future improvements, this might end up ranking in my favorite games. This feels like a more conventionally designed game than something unique, but I still had a blast!

Screenshot of Krieg's mind, Vaulthalla open

Borderlands 3 Season Pass

Since I have better hardware, I've revisited Borderlands 3 as planned. The existence of a second season pass disappoints me, but that doesn't look like it has much, and that's after the meager offering of this first one. Unfortunately, NPCs will nag you now for missions only available in the second one every time you go back to Sanctuary (the game's main mission hub). As Gearbox mentioned, no DLCs add additional playable characters.

Screenshot of GTA 3, cruising down a street in Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto III

Last year, I noticed that I have most of the Grand Theft Auto games. I haven't played any Grand Theft Auto game, so as the world changed forever, I decided to start. Now that I've been playing this on and off for over a year, I realize that I'm not having fun, so I'm posting this to move on.

Photo of my two new monitors, next to Twentieth Century.

So Few Monitors

It's been almost 5 years since I made any major changes to my main rig. I'm still rocking that Ryzen 1800x, and that surround sound system. I upgraded from 32 GB to 64 GB RAM soon after building it, so it's ready for serious server things, and playing with RAM drives is fun sometimes. I recently got a breathtaking MSI RX 6800 Gaming X Trio 16GB. My old Acer monitors were still going fine, but 4K is the hot new stuff. I have the mindset that if I'm computing but not looking at a monitor, I'm computing wrong, so monitors are important. (That's why I despise RGB LEDs on literally anything, why I use black monolithic computer cases, and why I use unlabeled, unlit keyboards.) So should I go 4K, or go high refresh rate? Why not both?

Screenshot of a vault in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter first came out on iOS and Android ahead of the Fallout 4 release. Naturally, I checked it out, and I later played it on Steam. I noticed that radiation reduced the maximum health of dwellers, instead of being a separate stat. I didn't know that Fallout 4 would work that way, too. I've heard that Fallout Shelter is better than Fallout 76. Granted, this is a time waster kind of game with microtransactions, but it actually works!

Screenshot of Xen's alien landscape and scenery, with an ominous tower in the distance.

Black Mesa

Once upon a time, Valve released Half-Life: Source. Everyone expected it to have improved visuals, but were disappointed that it was merely a port. The water looked better, but since you're not looking at water for 99% of the time, that's not an improvement. Some industrious fans decided to make what they expected it to be, calling their project Black Mesa: Source. They set to remake Half-Life to a standard comparable to Half-Life 2. After practicing some mandatory Valve time, it appeared as a mod in 2013. A blogger wrote about it in 2014. Valve blessed the project, even granting permission to sell it on Steam. It released in 2015 with the same levels as the mod. They promised the ending Xen levels, which released in 2020. Said blogger bought this months ago, and it has been mocking him from his Steam library ever since.

Screenshot of Chaos Mode, where War transforms into a fiery demon.


Do you have a game that you like playing it one hour, then despise it the next? And that's repeated ad nauseum? That's my general opinion on Darksiders. I'm cruising through it for a while, then a boss comes around, and I wipe about 10 times on it, making me want to stop playing. However, there's some addictive quality here that made me want to come back of my own accord. It wasn't just a desire to finish it, but curiosity to see what happened next.