the Andrew Bailey

No, it's not different this time!

Engineers and Salesmen

Traditionally, software developers and sales people have not gotten along. Salesmen will sell anything to close the deal, only to go to the developers and say that they need to do something that requires bending of spacetime. Like track what has been installed on a computer before the tracking software was installed. That's not going to work.


I recently read a blog post by the so-famous Jeff Atwood that has been disturbing me, but let me back up a bit.

Interview Experience

When I was interviewing for my new job, and even after I had gotten it, people said that I had an advantage of being recently out of college. Supposedly, I was fresh and people could mold me to be what they wanted, so they guessed I would be "desperately wanted."


I was messing around with this site most of the day yesterday.

Python Love

Now that I've ragged on a few things, I want you to know that I'm not just full of it. Hate that is. I love Python!

HP Quality Colonoscopy

Now that I've been at my new place for some time, and I'm two nines sure that I won't run into it, I will start ripping on HP Quality Center.

IBM Irrational

Since today is my last day at my current employer, I feel free to completely tear apart some element of the development stack. Let's start killing this monster by starting with anything beginning with IBM Rational or IBM Clear.