the Andrew Bailey

No, it's not different this time!

The Eleventh Hour

People often say stuff about the eleventh hour. It usually involves something stressful. It's a time where important perilous decisions are made.

Server Outage

Have you heard? I was under the impression that everyone had heard. There's flooding going on in Thailand. And every hard drive manufacturer now has a factory in a lake.

Rip Audio from Video Using FFMpeg

First, get FFMpeg and put the bin/ffmpeg to where your victim video is.(link for Windows) Second, open up ye olde command line and cd to the directory (for convenience). Then,

First Computer

I was on StackOverflow Careers today, filling out a new profile. Curiously, it asked what my first computer was. It was some Compaq with a 486, circa 1996. I now realize that by the time we (excuse me, my parents) got it, it was already out of date. Doesn't surprise me, my parents are total cheapskates who only replace something essential after it's been broken for two months, then get a third rate Chinese knockoff.

Name Change

So Monday came and went. But this was no ordinary Monday!