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a multicolored icosahedron


Soon after I learned how to program back in 2003 or so, I wanted to program 3D stuff, just because I though it was cool. Unfortunately, the Python wrapper to OpenGL sucked. Majorly. I could manage, but I had to do without whizzbang features like shaders, and framebuffers, and HDR. At least I was happy texturing things and using shadow mapping. I even wrote the article on it.

CSS3 is awesome!

I have been playing around with my design lately, and want to share some of the cool things that I've done.

Extract And Export Winamp Playlists

NOTE: This has been updated. Please see here. This post remains for historical and reference purposes only.

Dynamic Content

Someone I recently spoke to encouraged me to post some code here.

The Eleventh Hour

People often say stuff about the eleventh hour. It usually involves something stressful. It's a time where important perilous decisions are made.

Rip Audio from Video Using FFMpeg

First, get FFMpeg and put the bin/ffmpeg to where your victim video is.(link for Windows) Second, open up ye olde command line and cd to the directory (for convenience). Then,

First Computer

I was on StackOverflow Careers today, filling out a new profile. Curiously, it asked what my first computer was. It was some Compaq with a 486, circa 1996. I now realize that by the time we (excuse me, my parents) got it, it was already out of date. Doesn't surprise me, my parents are total cheapskates who only replace something essential after it's been broken for two months, then get a third rate Chinese knockoff.