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No, it's not different this time!

A Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

After talking about them for weeks on end on my podcast, I finally decided to bite the bullet and order a Raspberry Pi. After all, one only costs $35 and everyone's talking about it like it's the latest thing from Apple (including myself), so what could be the downside?

Toilet Blog Engine

So in case you didn't hear my podcast, I open sourced this blog on GitHub. I have taken my own advice to heart, and did not (or at least, tried not) to name my classes SomethingManager, and I hash my passwords without using MD5 or SHA-whatever. I had a few small libraries that I eventually merged into one (libWebsiteTools), and one other which I'm still sorta working on (libOdyssey) which is a sort of web analytics thing.

Extract And Export Winamp Playlists, Part 2

I had a desire a long time ago: I wanted to back up playlists from my Winamp music library. So I wrote a small Python script to back things up. It seems like that's the only remotely popular 'hit' on my blog, if I'm reading my analytics right.

a multicolored icosahedron


Soon after I learned how to program back in 2003 or so, I wanted to program 3D stuff, just because I thought it was cool. Unfortunately, the Python wrapper to OpenGL sucked. Majorly. I could manage, but I had to do without whizzbang features like shaders, framebuffers, and HDR. At least I was happy texturing things and using shadow mapping. I even wrote the article on it.

CSS3 is awesome!

I have been playing around with my design lately, and want to share some of the cool things that I've done.

Dynamic Content

Someone I recently spoke to encouraged me to post some code here.