the Andrew Bailey

No, it's not different this time!

Registers of the x86 CPU architecture

I've never really looked closely at the individual registers upon which most of my computing is done. I stay comfortably above that stuff. But I've been curious of late, so I looked, and I got lost, but I don't regret it.

It's The End Of Moore's Law, But That's OK

So I may have mentioned Moore's Law in one of my recent articles. I think that because I have built an old computer, I think it would be wise to consider a few things, and about computing in general.

Programmer Day

Tomorrow will be a very special day. Not necessarily important or memorable, but special.

Blog Fonts

After I revamped my blog and made the fonts bigger, I reconsidered the fonts I use, and how they are delivered.

Zopfli and The Windows Command Line

In doing research for my podcast every week, I come across a few interesting things. Many of them will affect me in some way, but most I will not use in any appreciable manner (either not being able to, or not interested). I like the stuff that I can use and actually can apply it to something I already do and has a measurable effect. Every so often, I find something like that.