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Zopfli and The Windows Command Line

In doing research for my podcast every week, I come across a few interesting things. Many of them will affect me in some way, but most I will not use in any appreciable manner (either not being able to, or not interested). I like the stuff that I can use and actually can apply it to something I already do and has a measurable effect. Every so often, I find something like that.

Toilet Blog Engine

So in case you didn't hear my podcast, I open sourced this blog on GitHub. I have taken my own advice to heart, and did not (or at least, tried not) to name my classes SomethingManager, and I hash my passwords without using MD5 or SHA-whatever. I had a few small libraries that I eventually merged into one (libWebsiteTools), and one other which I'm still sorta working on (libOdyssey) which is a sort of web analytics thing.

My desk with four monitors

So Many Monitors

As you might recall, I bought two more monitors some time back. I mentioned that I brought my two old ones to work. But now that I'm in between jobs, I've decided to completely connect all four up, and take a family picture. I'm not sure how I'll use them, but, hey, at least they are there and working. Sometimes you just need to do something crazy. This is one of those times.