the Andrew Bailey

a former Buckeye trying to figure things out

Those crazy Buckeyes

If Hollywood is to be believed, Ohio is a big looney bin. Chances are, every crazy or even mildly erratic character comes from Ohio. And I don't think that it helps that every Buckeye thinks he's crazy. Also he probably thinks that he should be in a mental care facility... except that he already does (it's called Ohio). But since this isn't realized, he lives blissfully anxious.


I recently read a blog post by the so-famous Jeff Atwood that has been disturbing me, but let me back up a bit.


Let's step away from all this technical stuff again.


Forgive me Father, for I have sinned; I do not own a television.

Karmic Retribution

I was back in my hometown last weekend. Had some old friends over, relaxed, and had plenty to do. Four day weekends for the win!