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Crisco Memories

You ever have one of those memories that you swear happened, but no one else seems to remember? Here's one of mine.

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas!

Maintain. Ance.

Main-tain. A verb. To keep things working and in order.

Disk vs. Disc

Yes, there is a dictonary difference between the words "disk" and "disc". "Disc" referrs to the medium on which data is stored (often circular). "Disk" is a storage medium (like a disc), plus a read/write apparatus, protective case, motor, or controller. Therefore, there is a hard disk, and a compact disc. Records are discs, and were used back when floppy disks were.

International Backup Awareness Day

Last Thursday (I think), I pushed some new code out here. Among the updates, I made Spruce more flexible, I added an "Expires" header to my static content (css, images), and I've done some more SEO friendly URLs.

Verizon FIOS

Oh. Yes.

Thar be dragons here!

Let's say you're doing this project, and it's the most awesome thing ever. You don't want to simply say it's "the project" like some lamer. You want a cool project codename. Like the name of a dragon. So here's an alphabetical list of not so common dragon names from around the world. I tried to keep to mythological dragons, but had to stretch one or two as just "snakes".