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Toe Stew

A while back, my good friend Ian Buck started posting some dreams of his. Like all dreams, they have a "sort of" basis in reality, but sleep deprived minds have a way to twist things in a unique way. So let me share a weird dream I had about ten years ago. This dream is not based at all on reality. I somehow got to writing this one down while it was still fresh.

Never Say Never (Unless Its Really Never)

In doing research for my podcast, I came across two very different articles. And although I don't run a link blog like my good friend, I think this warrants my viewpoint. Both were well thought out (I think), and they dealt with things that would "never" happen. Both got me thinking a bit.

Words of Contradictory Wisdom

It takes a village to raise a child, but every village has an idiot. (Do you really want to take those chances?)

Hurricane Sandy

It looks like millions of people can check off one more thing on their "Things to do in life" list: survive a hurricane.

Google Doodles

It's rare these days to actually see the real Google logo when doing a search. For a week or so a few months ago, I forgot what it actually looked like. It's gotten out of hand.