the Andrew Bailey

a former Buckeye trying to figure things out


Snakes in the garden.
Afraid of a lot of snakes,

My Dad

My dad was in and out of prison until I was twenty-two.
Unsurprisingly, his mind was always in the loo.
He was the prison nurse,
Which made things all the worse.
Many windshields he went through.

Problems All Day

Problem Solving is
An intense mental workout
Going all day long

Vacuum Sweeper

The vacuum sweeper:
It sucks when it doesn't work,
And sucks when it does.


Listening to music
Coming out of everywhere.
I forgot the time.

Local Dialect

I got one question:
Why yinz talk funny n'at?
'Cuz it's a 'Burgh thing.

Open Windows

The open windows
Let torrential rains inside.
Soaked toilet paper.