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Screenshot of World of Goo, showing the Freedom Scraper 3000

World of Goo

And now for a game that I've paid for about five times over, thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle. It's also one of the few games in one of them that I had played before those bundles became a thing.

Screenshot of Rise of Nations, showing the Iroquois and Chinese

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a real time strategy game that I remember playing a lot at my friend's house 10 years ago. When I was picking up a few things on the last Steam sale, I decided to get it, even though it wasn't discounted. You see, I want Microsoft to know that it's OK to release it's games on Steam, and I want to encourage that sort of behavior. Can haz Halo Collection, plz?*

State of the Videogame Industry, June 2014

A while ago, I was on a podcast talking about E3. I talked about all the big publishers announcing their games. Lately, I have realized that the videogame industry is decadent. As a note, it seems that many people don't know what that word means. Decadent means decaying.