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Death Rally screenshot

Death Rally

Death Rally is a game that is quintessential nostalgia to me. I remember going over to my cousin's one time and there it was. I had played racing games before, sure, but not with guns and stuff.

Zaeed enjoying the beach

Mass Effect 3: An Extended Edition

I might as well write about this while it's still fresh. Oh, and there's going to be epic Mass Effect 3 ending spoilers. You've been warned.

The final level of Auditorium, almost got it...


After seeing Auditorium in a recent indie bundle, I realized that it had finally come to Steam. I had paid for this game a few years ago, and enjoyed it. Fortunately, the existing account I had at the developer's site had a way to generate a code to redeem on Steam, along with a stand alone download. Both worked magnificently.

Wheatley, sitting in the core transfer unit

Portal 2

I suppose this review might be a long time in coming (especially after giving a hint about it), so I might as well speak my mind about Portal 2.