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Go big and go home!

Project Twentieth Century: Planning

As I may have leaked on my latest podcast, I am attempting to rebuild an old computer so I can relive the 1990s. I want to install Windows 98 on it, and play some old games on it from time to time. I don't plan on using it any more than that (maybe a perverse desire to run other things from the time). I had some stuff lying around, and I need to buy some more.

Screenshot from Sunken Sea, part of the General Knoxx DLC

Borderlands DLC

Hey, look! I just played Borderlands again! But wait! If I continued to play right now, I would get to the DLC! Which I did. They all had their own pace and personality. These are larger bits, sort of like mini-expansions, more along the lines of Dawnguard or Dragonborn than your usual map pack or me-too type quests. I played through half of these before I got really going in the main quest, so I'll try to recall this as straight as I can. I did that in order to level up ahead of the enemies encountered, so everything should be a little easier. And was it ever! It was really nice to have started a new character, since it is enjoyable to have enemies that aren't always at least a level above you. I will also go over these in order of story, not order played (which differs).

Borderlands screenshot from the Trash Coast area


It's about time that I went back and replayed a game I had, but play it differently. Recently, I realized that I had bought the DLC for the original Borderlands at some point, and decided that I should probably get to playing that. Even though the sequel has been out for some time, it's not that old of a game.

Rage Screenshot, driving through one of the many canyons


I've been sitting on this one for a long time. I bought Rage when it came out; I might have preordered it. Hey, I don't have any other id game, they seem to be rather reputable (they made the FPS genre), and a wizard lives there, so you can't go wrong, right? Well, it's easily my third worst gaming disappointment.

Bastion Screenshot


So it turns out that thanks to the Humble Bundles, I have not played over 80% of my Steam library. I figure that now's a good time as any to start chipping away at it. Games ain't going to play themselves, right?

FarCry screenshot showing a beach camp


For the sake of nostalgia, I decided to reinstall FarCry again, even though I have reviewed some bastardized (but fun) sequel and its sort of successor. This is a game that I have no doubt played for hundreds of hours, alongside SimCity 2000, StarCraft, and later, Oblivion. The game is from 2004, the great FPS year. As such, it predates PC DVD-only releases, so the game comes on 5 CDs instead. Holy crap! The game is giving me grief before I've started it.

A screenshot of Black Mesa, looking out over a desert

Black Mesa (Mod)

A long time back, Black Mesa was released. This is a Source mod that is a recreation of Half-Life. It has been in development since 2004 or so, when Half-Life: Source was released, and everyone discovered that it was pretty much the same thing from 1998. Originally this mod was called "Black Mesa: Source", but Valve kindly asked if they would drop the "Source" part.