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Go big and go home!

Alan Wake speaking to Dr. Hartman.

Alan Wake

A recent Humble Weekly Bundle had Alan Wake in it. Seemed like a good deal at the time, so I picked it up. I have been playing it over the last week, and I have a few words.

A Sins of a Solar Empire screenshot, with the Vasari assaulting a volcanic planet

Sins of a Solar Empire

One could say that I enjoy strategy games. A lot. Sins of a Solar Empire is another one. It is slow like turn based strategy games, but is technically a real time strategy. It is also a "4X" game, whatever that means. Something like explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. That seems to describe it quite well.

A blood dragon in the road, chargin

FarCry 3: Blood Dragon

I celebrated my birthday recently. As such, people go crazy. Jokes are played, and everything isn't taken at face value. Ubisoft decided that they would join in on the fun, too, and announce FarCry 3: Blood Dragon, except they were actually sorta serious.

The Soul Cairn, one of the areas added by Dawnguard. A very dark and unwelcoming place.

Skyrim DLC

As I mentioned before, I played Skyrim. But... I didn't really stop. In the intervening time, a few DLCs have trickled out. And now that they have announced that the team is moving on to something else, it seems that the coast is clear. I got all of these for about half off on various sales, so I figured, why not.

Screenshot of King

King's Quest 6

So after toying around with my Raspberry Pi, I discovered that ScummVM supports King's Quest 6. Good thing that I kept that disc from the very first computer that the family had. I imaged this disc a few years ago, so it should be saved from bit rot. So I copied the ISO over to my Pi and fired up ScummVM.

Jim Raynor and his troops on Mar Sara

StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty

Recently, the first StarCraft 2 expansion came out. That has drawn me back into playing not just that, but the original, too. I have been reflecting a bit on a few things.

Heaven 4.0 screenshot, featuring the dragon statue

Unigine Heaven Benchmark

It was just this past week that I realized that since I upgraded my video card, I don't think I had ran the Heaven benchmark. I was reading something (what specifically I forget), when I saw another news posting. It said that the Heaven 4.0 was released.