the Andrew Bailey

No, it's not different this time!

Screenshot from Bioshock 2, from the Victorian mansion part.

Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 is a game that I never thought I would play or even own. It's also a game that doesn't need to exist. It's a sequel to a not-RPG that summed everything up on it's own. I found the whole thing a little surreal, but mostly dissonant, and free of emotional sense.

Screenshot from Little Inferno, showing some fire

Little Inferno

One of the guys behind World Of Goo helped make Little Inferno. He was both the artist and music writer, and it shows well. So here's a game that won't warm you up for the winter.

Screenshot of Andrew Ryan, standing in a dark office playing mini-golf.


I remember when Bioshock came out. People kept raving about how it was such a good role-playing game. After realizing that in a month I would never be able to use a mall gift card, I had money to burn. Having come off of an RPG that I rather liked, I figured I might check Bioshock out. What happened made Bioshock the most disappointing game of all time for me.

Screenshot from Fallout


And now for another game from Twentieth Century. Fallout is a fairly old game that every other game nerd seems to be continually high on. And by "old game", I mean "game franchise". I wonder how many of them have actually played the first one.

Screenshot of World of Goo, showing the Freedom Scraper 3000

World of Goo

And now for a game that I've paid for about five times over, thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle. It's also one of the few games in one of them that I had played before those bundles became a thing.

Screenshot of Rise of Nations, showing the Iroquois and Chinese

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a real time strategy game that I remember playing a lot at my friend's house 10 years ago. When I was picking up a few things on the last Steam sale, I decided to get it, even though it wasn't discounted. You see, I want Microsoft to know that it's OK to release its games on Steam, and I want to encourage that sort of behavior. Can haz Halo Collection, plz?*

Screenshot of the Silver Lining, showing the guillotine in Chessboardland

The Silver Lining Episodes 1-4

Once upon a time, I played King's Quest. About 20 years later, I did it again and made a blog post about it. Recently, news broke that the Sierra games brand is being brought back after 15 years. I think there was something about a new King's Quest game in there somewhere.