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I love podcasts. In fact, if I like you, I will generally listen to yours.

Server Online

Whew! That was quite a thing there!

Server Outage

Have you heard? I was under the impression that everyone had heard. There's flooding going on in Thailand. And every hard drive manufacturer now has a factory in a lake.

Engineers and Salesmen

Traditionally, software developers and sales people have not gotten along. Salesmen will sell anything to close the deal, only to go to the developers and say that they need to do something that requires bending of spacetime. Like track what has been installed on a computer before the tracking software was installed. That's not going to work.


I am Andrew Bailey, and this is my blog. Being a programmer, I wrote this myself, and I maintain this thing, because let's face it: having a facebook page/wordpress blog/whatnot would just take the fun out of it. I made a New Year's resolution to start using this, so I think I might want to get on that before the world supposedly ends next year!