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No, it's not different this time!

Death Rally (from 2012) screenshot

Death Rally (2012)

At the beginning of this month (3rd or so), I saw the new Death Rally on Steam. For less than $10. Picked it up right away.

Cedar Point Skyline, from Flickr user Andrew 94

Cedar Point

Last Wednesday, I went to Cedar Point for the fourth time in my life. I have been there twice in the past 10 years. I was technically "there" when I was about 5 or so; that's a bit too young to really enjoy the place. This time, I went on rides that I had not been on.

Crysis 2 screenshot

Crysis 2

During Steam's epic summer sale, I picked up Crysis 2 (it's back on Steam, yay).

Death Rally screenshot

Death Rally

Death Rally is a game that is quintessential nostalgia to me. I remember going over to my cousin's one time and there it was. I had played racing games before, sure, but not with guns and stuff.

Zaeed enjoying the beach

Mass Effect 3: An Extended Edition

I might as well write about this while it's still fresh. Oh, and there's going to be epic Mass Effect 3 ending spoilers. You've been warned.