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Python Love

Now that I've ragged on a few things, I want you to know that I'm not just full of it. Hate that is. I love Python!

HP Quality Colonoscopy

Now that I've been at my new place for some time, and I'm two nines sure that I won't run into it, I will start ripping on HP Quality Center.

IBM Irrational

Since today is my last day at my current employer, I feel free to completely tear apart some element of the development stack. Let's start killing this monster by starting with anything beginning with IBM Rational or IBM Clear.

How Games Annoy Me

If you are employed in the gaming industry: LISTEN UP!

Insanity: PC's true calling

Once upon a 1981, IBM released a marvel of a thing. PC. It was created for a single purpose: to play games. PC's major advances came because of gaming, and because of his hippie parents, PC shared with his red headed cousins.

Karmic Retribution

I was back in my hometown last weekend. Had some old friends over, relaxed, and had plenty to do. Four day weekends for the win!


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