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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Over the past few weeks, I have been replaying Supreme Commander, specifically the Forged Alliance expansion. There's just something about massive forces fighting over continents, making things explode like nukes, that never loses its charm.

Thar be dragons here!

Let's say you're doing this project, and it's the most awesome thing ever. You don't want to simply say it's "the project" like some lamer. You want a cool project codename. Like the name of a dragon. So here's an alphabetical list of not so common dragon names from around the world. I tried to keep to mythological dragons, but had to stretch one or two as just "snakes".

Name Change

So Monday came and went. But this was no ordinary Monday!

Internet Explorer 6 must die

If you are reading this, congratulations! You are probably not using an antiquated browser!

Engineers and Salesmen

Traditionally, software developers and sales people have not gotten along. Salesmen will sell anything to close the deal, only to go to the developers and say that they need to do something that requires bending of spacetime. Like track what has been installed on a computer before the tracking software was installed. That's not going to work.

Those crazy Buckeyes

If Hollywood is to be believed, Ohio is a big looney bin. Chances are, every crazy or even mildly erratic character comes from Ohio. And I don't think that it helps that every Buckeye thinks he's crazy. Also he probably thinks that he should be in a mental care facility... except that he already does (it's called Ohio). But since this isn't realized, he lives blissfully anxious.

wavy edges in front of water

Bad Water Effects

I finished The Witcher 2 recently. It is the most beautiful game I have ever played, even prettier than Crysis. Except I noticed this: