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No, it's not different this time!

Freelancer screenshot, shooting at an enemy ship


If you listen to my podcast at all lately, I have dropped certain hints to my gaming habits. Sometimes what I am playing, sometimes what's coming. What's coming in the long term is Star Citizen. Like Hawken, it seems that in this day of gaming revolution, long old forgotten PC genres are being randomly revived at an astounding pace.

Blogology Phraseology

We already know that Scientology is a failed religious ideology that doesn't involve demonology. Reagan said it was a tautology. He wasn't familiar with the hagiology branch of theology.

College Dropout

Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerburg. Michael Dell. Larry Elisson. Gabe Newell.

THQ (Toy Headquarters), 1990-2013

This week, one of the game publishers of the good old days went under. THQ has been in bankruptcy, and its property has been auctioned away, piece by piece. Although none of its games of the past few years interested me enough to buy them (aside from that Humble Bundle), I really liked Supreme Commander and STALKER. I'm sad to see a once great publisher of PC exclusives and a proliferater of gaming originality go under.

Happy 2013

The snow keeps falling,
Wishing you Happy New Year.
Make the best of it!

VLC says Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Survivors

So the world didn't end. If we all ethereal (or whatever) beings now, it sucks just as much as being a mere mortal did. And there weren't even fireworks. Here I was hoping for an extinction level event. What a ripoff! I didn't get too invested in it: I only wrote a post-apocalyptic blog post.